Monthly Meetings – We meet at 7:30 pm on the first Thursday of every month, except  in November the Thursday after hunting season, and no meetings in July and August.  Meetings are at our clubhouse, at 412967 Southgate Sideroad 41 (click for map). Visitors are welcome.

Sat. June 17 –  Trap Shoot, at the Beacon Homestead, 263581 Southgate Road 26 (across from Wilder’s Lake).  Bring your shotguns and get ready for a friendly, fun, informal few hours of trap shooting (and whatever else we can dream up – last year there was a combination of golf / shotgun shoots 😉  ) with our fellow hunt club members, family and friends.  We plan to start around 10 am.  If you have any questions you can call Jackie or Darrel at 519-369-3149 or email .   Hope to see you there!

Sun. July 9 – Family Day.  Chairs: Skinner Marshall, Glenn Meads.

Thu. September 7 – regular meeting

Sat. September 30 – Turkey Shoot.  This is a friendly and informal target shooting competition.  It’s open to the public, and newcomers are welcome!  If you don’t have a rifle or shotgun, someone will certainly loan you one to try out.  Chairs: Darrel and Jackie Beacon.

To Be Announced –  Winter Family Fun Day.

The Club runs annual contests for:
The Biggest Buck Award – Rifle
The Biggest Buck Award – Black Powder
The Biggest Buck Award – Archery
The Biggest Moose Rack
Spring Turkey Shoot Contest