“How it feels to be a gun lover in Canada”

On November 24th, CBC Radio’s program “Out in the Open” carried an interview with John Evers of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, on “How it feels to be a gun lover in Canada”.  It’s a 9 1/2 minute audio program that you can listen to on-line.

Loads of Canadians own them — legally — but hunter, sport shooter and all-round firearms enthusiast John Evers feels hated for his enjoyment of guns. He says Canadians, by and large, conflate guns with violence.

I found the interview to be reasonably fair and open-minded, and Evers to be quite a good spokesman.


“Armed and Reasonable”

I’m posting this because I thought it might be of general interest.  VICE magazine has just done a video story entitled “How To Buy a Gun In Canada: Armed and Reasonable.”  You can watch it on YouTube; it’s about 22 minutes long.  In it the reporter herself goes through the entire process of getting a PAL and buying her first gun.  I thought the video was fair and accurate, and gave a positive view of shooting as a popular sport.  — Brad