OFAH Women’s Programs Registration Opens Today

This just in: OFAH Women’s Programs Registration Opens April 10

Once again, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) will be hosting two very popular events this fall, its annual September Women’s Outdoor Weekend and October Women’s Pheasant Hunt.

Registration is available online only. For more details visit www.ofah.org/wow

Women’s Outdoor Weekend

This weekend is designed to provide women with a great opportunity to learn all about fishing, hunting, and other outdoor pursuits in an environment alongside other women with similar interests.

September 7-9, 2018
Kinark Outdoor Centre, near Minden
Open to all women at least 19 years of age
$265 + HST and an OFAH membership
(Includes: meals, cabin accommodations, and all program equipment)

Throughout the weekend, participants may experience activities such as: introduction to hunting, firearm basics and handling, trap range, rifle range, archery, fishing, fly fishing demonstration, fish filleting, canoeing, kayaking, high ropes course, night hike, stargazing, pig roast, social evening campfire, guest speakers, evening entertainment, raffle draws, and much more.

OFAH Women’s Pheasant Hunt

This event is designed to provide women with an opportunity to partake in their first hunting experience with qualified guides alongside other women with similar interests.

October 13, 2018
Bird’s Eye View Game Farm and Hunting Preserve, near Colborne
Open to all women at least 18 years of age
$150.00 + HST and an OFAH membership
(Includes: firearms, ammunition, pheasants, training, guide, and sporting dog)

8 spaces 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
8 spaces 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

You must have the following to participate: valid OFAH membership, valid firearms licence (PAL), and valid hunting version outdoors card (H1) with valid small game licence.


Grey Highlands Firearms Meeting Postponed


GREY HIGHLANDS – The Municipality of Grey Highlands has postponed the public meeting scheduled for April 4th regarding the Draft Firearms Discharge By-law.

Mayor McQueen stated “We have received significant feedback and some terrific suggestions on how we might revise the draft by-law. We want to make sure that the by-law fits the needs of the community when we take it to the public as this will affect all our residents.

There was no venue available to accommodate the numbers expected at the meeting. Further review of the information received from various agencies and the public will be forwarded to Council for direction and next steps.

Information regarding the next steps in the process will be communicated.

Additional information may be available at the Grey Highlands web site.

Firearms Bill C-71 Introduced

I received this information from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA).

Bill C-71 has been introduced and the CSSA was there. Here is a quick run down of the provisions of this bill.

1. Background checks for criminal violence and any mental illness will be conducted over the life of the individual, not the previous five year period.

2. Both business and private sales of all firearms are subject to computerized license verification. Non-Restricted firearms transfers will not have the information regarding the firearm recorded.

3. Business are required to keep records which will include the individual’s information and all information regarding the firearm(s) transferred. The business must keep the records for 20 years unless the business ceases to be a business. In that case all records must be surrendered to the authorities.

4. Authorizations to Transport have been gutted. The only permitted uses are to shooting ranges and Purchase-to-Home, but will still include “all ranges in province”. All currently held ATTs will be revoked upon passage of Bill 71.  [Brad note: this applies to restricted firearms, not to non-restricted rifles and shotguns.]

5. All of the Swiss Arms Classic series and all CZ-858s will be made 12(9) Prohibited. The owners of these rifles will be Grandfathered. Grandfathered individuals will be able to acquire other 12(9) firearms. Grandfathered owners will be permitted to transport these firearms to a range for the purposes of target shooting.

6. The powers of the Governing Council to declare any firearm to be Non-Restricted has been revoked. The Governing Council may still be used to declare any firearms to be restricted or prohibited.

7. UN Firearms Marking will be issued in a Technical amendment.

More to come – Stay tuned.

Ontario Invasive Plant Council Webinars

Hi Folks – the Ontario Invasive Plant Council are putting on a series of informative webinars.  I think phrag is next then purple loosestrife.  These and others are very worth while if you plan to tackle invasives with your group.

Join us for the OIPC’s 2017/2018 Winter Webinar Series. Registration links and other details are available at http://www.ontarioinvasiveplants.ca/webinars

Invasive Plant Training Webinars

Sharing the most accurate and current information on invasive plant control is vitally important. We use our annual OIPC Winter Webinar Series to help make the most important developments in invasive plant control available to stakeholders across Ontario. Join us through these webinars to stay up to date on latest developments regarding invasive plant control, prevention and other important topics.

The OIPC is a great spot to get information on invasive and support to deal with them.  Please circulate as you see fit.

Craig Todd
Partnership Specialist
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry
Midhurst District/ Owen Sound Field Office

URGENT: Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in Deer

We have received this from the OFAH:

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (similar to bluetongue) has been discovered in two dead deer near London, Ontario. More details will likely emerge in the coming days, but for now, we have set up a page with all of the relevant available information. Please share widely.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Matt DeMille.

Yours in Conservation,
Mark Ryckman, M.Sc.
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Proposed changes to Outdoors Cards, licensing, hunter reporting, etc.

We have received this from the OFAH:

In late May, the MNRF posted a proposal on the Environmental Registry outlining fundamental changes to Outdoors Cards, licensing, game seals, hunter activity and harvest reporting, and various other regulatory amendments under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. Due to the complexity of the proposal and the potential impact on anglers and hunters, we’ve created two video Q&A’s in cooperation with the MNRF. One video addresses hunter activity and harvest reporting, and the other discusses the changes to Outdoors Cards, licensing, and game seals. We encourage everyone to watch these videos, share them widely, and encourage everyone in your network to submit their comments through the Environmental Registry. Links are provided below. If you have any questions or comments regarding the proposal, please do not hesitate to contact me.

OFAH Issue Page: http://www.ofah.org/LASebr

Video 1: OFAH — Hunter activity & harvest reporting changes in Ontario?

Video 2: OFAH — Talking Licensing Automation Proposal w/ MNRF

Yours in Conservation,
Mark Ryckman, M.Sc.
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
4601 Guthrie Drive
Peterborough, ON K9J 8L5
T: 705.748.6324 x239
F: 705.748.9577