Yet Another Firearms Petition

Petition e-2576 is now open for signatures.  This seems to largely duplicate e-2574, but you can sign both.

…We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately repeal the Order in Council issued May 1, 2020.

You can read the full petition here.

Another Firearms Petition

Petition e-2574 is now open for signatures:

…We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately scrap his government’s May 1, 2020, Order in Council decision related to confiscating legally owned firearms and instead pass legislation that will target criminals, stop the smuggling of firearms into Canada, go after those who illegally acquire firearms, and apologize to legal firearms owners in Canada.

You can read the full petition here.

2020 Spring OFAH Zone Meetings Update

This just in from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters:

NOTICE — With the health and safety of our members and volunteers in mind, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all previously scheduled 2020 spring OFAH Zone meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

Any updates on the change of status for those meetings will be posted to and shared through OFAH social media.

Thank you and stay safe.

New Rifle Prohibitions

The Trudeau government, through an Order in Council, has just banned several kinds of semi-automatic rifles.  According to The Gun Blog this includes the following firearms and related models:

  • AR-10
  • AR-15, M4, M16
  • Beretta Cx4 Storm
  • CSA Vz. 58
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3
  • CZ 858
  • Robinson Armament XCR
  • Ruger Mini-14
  • SIG Sauer MCX
  • SIG Sauer MPX
  • Swiss Arms Classic Green and Four Seasons
  • U.S. Rifle M14
  • .50 BMG

For the full list of some 1,500 banned models, see here.

Right now it appears you will be able to sell the newly-prohibited rifles to the government, or keep them (as “prohibs”) but never use or sell them.  Details of this are awaiting legislation.  Stay tuned for news.