Regular Meeting Apr. 4

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 4th, at 7:30 pm, at our clubhouse (click for map).  Visitors are always welcome!

Saturday April 13th is MaplefestIf you can help kids build bluebird boxes at Maplefest please give Wolf a call 519-369-6727.

Saturday April 27th is our Fishing Derby, at Ground Effects Landscapes, 341411 Concession Road 2 NDR, in Hanover.

Remember our Spring Turkey Contest:  You must register with Glenn Meads before April 25th and pay the $5.00 entry fee. Take your turkeys to Eckhardt’s Shell Station to be weighed and have the spurs / beard measured. Only one entry per member. Prize will be 50% of the total entry fees, a trophy and bragging rights.

License and game seal info

NOTE Provided by Art Hawes: This is an overview only.

Apprentice hunters from 12 – 14 can now purchase licenses and game seals. They cannot enter the draws for adult moose, elk or antlerless deer. They do need an outdoors card at age 12. Hunters including apprentices must carry proof of firearms training as in a PAL, POL or paperwork that proves firearms training/testing completion on their person if hunting with a gun. Outdoors Cards are no longer issued in gun hunting, bow hunting, fishing graduations. I give verification letters to all students who require them. Youths aged 12-14 can get a POL for target shooting, if aged 15 to their 18th birthday they can get a POL including hunting. Apprentices share a single firearm with their adult, licensed mentor. Young hunters with a POL at age 15 can start carrying a firearm under restrictions arranged between the OPP firearms office and their parents or guardian. This may change.

People moving to Ontario from other jurisdictions cannot challenge the Hunter Safety test. If they have a Safety certificate or license from another accepted jurisdiction they need only go a Service Ontario hunting license issuing location and purchase their Ontario Outdoors card and licences. If they have no documentation they must complete the Hunter Safety Course and Test.

Game seals can be purchased and printed on line. The paper game seal must be protected from the elements. There is a neat hunter orange waterproof pouch available. Got some for teaching, probably available from OFAH, expect to see in other outlets soon.  Damaged game seals can be returned to an appropriate Service Ontario outlet or licence issuer for replacement. Cost is $10.50.

Game seal does not need to be attached to the animal as long as the game seal owner is accompanying the animal. The game seal must be notched at the kill sight immediately before gutting/transporting.

Any questions please call Art at 519 369-6858 email casecorner (at) hotmail (dot) com

March 2019 Bulletin

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If you can help kids build bluebird boxes at MapleFest on April 13, please give Wolf a call 519-369-6727.

Meeting Highlights: Contest Awards Winners
Biggest Deer — Rifle — John Haug
Biggest Deer — Black Powder — no entries
Biggest Moose — Jeff Elchuk
Spring Turkey Shoot — John Haug

The Five and Dime:  Any Items for Sale or that you may be looking for? Let us know and we can put it in the newsletter and on the website.

When you receive your OFAH membership card — please note the discount sticker on the back of the card. It is a barcode and can be used for discounts on certain items at Marks, and TSC.  Please ensure that you read and sign your membership card in order that it be valid!

The club is selling OFAH tickets — if you would like a book to sell or want to buy some tickets contact Tori Runyon — 519-379-1082.

The OFAH runs some great camps for kids — check out their website for details!!

Send Jackie your email address & receive the newsletter online — jbeacon (at) sympatico (dot) ca

“High School Shooting Teams Are Getting Wildly Popular”

I know I keep returning to this theme, but I find this an encouraging trend, even if it’s from the U.S. rather than Canada: “High School Shooting Teams Are Getting Wildly Popular — And the NRA Is Helping”

The Minnesota State High School Clay Target League championship bills itself as the largest shooting sports event in the world. With the bustling crowds and flood of corporate interest, it could be mistaken for, say, a scene on the NASCAR circuit, except that the stars are teenage boys and girls.

This is my favorite fact from the article:

As for safety: more than 70,000 students have fired 42 million shots since 2008. No one has reported a single injury, according to the league.